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Get Real Estate Leads Fast with Mindset Coaching


Dr. Maya Bailey
Dr. Maya Bailey,
Master Business Coach
Are you stuck and feeling like you can’t seem to get ahead? Do you suffer from sales call reluctance or the fear of prospecting? Is there something inside you that makes you sabotage your success? With my help, you can learn how to get real estate leads and take your business to a new level, a more successful level than you ever imagined!


I’m Dr. Maya Bailey. I am a highly successful professional business coach who specializes in real estate coaching and mindset coaching for real estate agents and other individuals who want to make a quantum leap forward in their business in 90 days or less. I teach my clients how to earn a multiple six figure income by overcoming the self-limiting beliefs and obstacles that block their success.


What Are the Benefits of Mindset Coaching for Your Real Estate Business?


  1. In my real estate mentoring program, I work with you on where you want your business to be and help you clear self limiting beliefs that hold you back.

  3. We will work on overcoming call reluctance to enhance your real estate lead generation ability and speed up your progress.

  5. You will learn mind power techniques that will help you stop procrastinating.

  7. You will gain self confidence and conquer fear of failure.

  9. You will learn to work with less stress for more success.

  11. You will learn how to get real estate listings by setting reachable goals.

  13. You will learn how to attract wealth into your life and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

  15. I will help you focus on your goals and develop workable strategies to get real estate leads.

  17. I will teach you the skills you need to create a blueprint for success in both your business and personal life.

  19. You will earn more money in your real estate business and enjoy success.


You’ve Already Taken the First Step toward Your Multiple Six Figure Income


The simple fact that you are here today, reading this, tells me that you want to excel but realize that something is holding you back. You don’t have to struggle to be successful. With my personal success coaching, you can get all of the real estate seller leads and real estate buyer leads you want by learning to break through the things that are blocking you from your dream lifestyle.


This is NOT just another coaching program that gives you tools and tactics that you'll never use. Based on my psychological expertise and my marketing and coaching background, I am able to offer you specific strategies so you can burst through your blocks and have all the clients you need in the next 90 days.


Real estate lead generation is critical for the success of your business, but there’s no single stand-alone strategy for attracting quality prospects. I can help you develop a complete arsenal of techniques and strategies that works best for you. My mindset coaching will empower you to be more confident, get real estate leads whenever you need them, and develop a million dollar mindset!


If you’re ready to create your own success from the inside out, start by downloading my free written & audio report "7 Simple Strategies to More Clients in 90 Days" and by applying for your complimentary Multiple 6 Figure Income Consultation.





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