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How to Make Your Visualizations a REALITY

“Visualize your success” is something we hear a lot of these days. However, we don’t always know how to make our visualizations powerful enough so that they become a reality.

ZERO Negativity Mindset for Business

If you struggle to maintain a positive mindset, suffer from procrastination, have doubts about whether you can succeed, or have trouble delegating – discover how easy it is to shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.

How Your Beliefs Are SUBCONSCIOUSLY Pushing SUCCESS Away

Think success makes you believe in yourself? Try turning that around and see what happens.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Do You Want To Overcome Your Call Reluctance?

Let me ask you a few questions: Does it scare you to call people you don’t know? Do you try to block out time to pursue business but always find something else to do? Do you wonder if you’ll know what to say? Do you do your selling in an inconsistent manner? If you answered […]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: How To Thrive In Today’s Rising Market

Do you want to thrive in today’s Rising Market? Follow these steps to remove your inner blocks.

NOW I can talk to ANYONE

I recently received an email from a client that I thought you’d find valuable in overcoming call reluctance and earning more money.   Read what Kathy has to say:   Dr. Maya,   Maya, before I began our coaching sessions my mind felt like puzzle pieces shaking in a box when I started to prospect.  […]

Do You Want To Have Personal Time GUILT FREE?

This testimonial came to me yesterday and I thought you’d enjoy hearing it. Do you want to have personal time GUILT FREE? Then read what Mike has to say: Dr. Maya, When I first started coaching with you, my business seemed slow, and I felt that I had to take every client (good and bad) […]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – How to Double or Triple your income in 2014

What would be the benefits to you of doubling or tripling your income in 2014? Would you be able to work less hours? Would you be able to spend more time with your self, your friends, and your family? Would you be able to take those vacations you have been dreaming of? Would you be […]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 5 Steps to Becoming a Success Magnet

You can become a success magnet by conquering your self-limiting beliefs and taking inspired action. Follow these tips to manifest the success you desire and the success you deserve!

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Procrastination and the Fear of Failure

Do you find yourself always putting things off? Procrastination can really hinder you in your business. Here are some ways to get going!