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Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Do You Want To Overcome Your Call Reluctance?

Let me ask you a few questions: Does it scare you to call people you don’t know? Do you try to block out time to pursue business but always find something else to do? Do you wonder if you’ll know what to say? Do you do your selling in an inconsistent manner? If you answered […]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Are You a “People Pleaser” or Are You Committed to “Win/Win”?

Do you let your clients control your life? Committing to “win/win” transactions with your clients instead of trying to please them all the time will actually put you and your business in a much better place.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: How to Attract High-End Clients Now

Are you intimidated by high-end clients? Follow these tips and start attracting them instead!

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 5 Things You Need for a Break-Out Year

Ready to make some changes this year? Follow these tips to get you on the right track!

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Secrets to Successful Prospecting

Does the thought of prospecting bring you down? Change how you think about it and see what happens.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Hate to Make Cold Calls? 5 Tips to Make it Easier

Do you hate picking up the phone? Change how you think about the process and then nothing can stop you!

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Are You a Salesperson or Are You a Service Person?

If you really want to be successful, focus on the service, not the money. When you focus on service you will feel good about yourself. This good feeling will be felt by your clients. They will be automatically attracted to want to work with you because they know you have their best interests at heart.

Marketing Strategies: How to Attract Your Ideal Client

Having ideal clients is a major part of earning your ideal income and having your ideal life. Learn how to attract the clients that you enjoy the most! This article gives you some great tips on how to define and find those ideal clients.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 5 Tips to Use Your Sphere of Influence to Double Your Income

Do you take advantage of your influence? Follow these tips to generate more referrals and income!

Marketing Strategies: Does your “people pleaser” pattern get in the way?

Do you allow your clients to call all the shots? Learn how to manage your “people pleaser” and become more effective!