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ZERO Negativity Mindset for Business



Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you struggle with having a positive mindset all of the time?
  2. Are you hard on yourself when things go wrong?
  3. Do you suffer from procrastination?
  4. Do you have doubts about whether you can succeed?
  5. Do you have trouble delegating?


If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then you are in the right place to discover how easy it is to shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset.


Give yourself downtime and stop being a workaholic.

Being a workaholic, is actually living in a negative mindset all the time. Be sure to plan downtime in your schedule, so you feel less pressure.


Learn to delegate.

You can reduce stress by delegating some of your more mundane tasks to a secretary or assistant. Focus on the areas of your strengths and delegate the rest.


The next big tip if you want to learn how to have a POSITIVE MINDSET all of the time is to get rid of the belief that “I have to do it all”.


Learn to get over the belief that when you call people, that they will feel like you’re bothering them.


Most importantly, reprogram your INNER CRITIC, or sometimes referred to as the INNER JUDGE.

Here’s some examples of inner critic voices that you might hear:

  • You are so lazy for procrastinating.
  • What’s wrong with you, you can’t get moving?
  • You must not be smart enough.


If you are a kinesthetic person, you may not hear words, but you may feel bodily sensations.

If you begin to feel tightness in any part of your body, then that is your signal that a foreign invader, namely criticism is trying to get in.


Your response should be the same as if you’ve heard the words.

When you feel that feeling, just say STOP emphatically, out loud or in yourself and then picture a stop sign.


You can just acknowledge that voice.

You can say, “I hear you and I know you’re trying to protect me, but I’m an adult now I can make my own decisions.” Then you can begin to listen to the rational voice inside of you.


Replace the critical thoughts with UPDATED EMPOWERED BELIEFS such as:

  • I am more than good enough
  • I am more than smart enough
  • I refuse to judge or criticize myself
  • I motivate myself with positive and empowering beliefs


Practice Radical Self-Acceptance.

Imagine that your mind is a castle and your job is to protect the castle from foreign invaders. You are the guardian of the harmony of the castle. When you hear a voice that sounds critical or judgmental, say STOP, either inside yourself or out loud.


This is a very simple technique, but it needs constant practice for the first 30 days.

It requires that you be very vigilant of your thoughts and use this process as often necessary, sometimes as much as a few hundred times a day. After you’ve been very conscious and vigilant, the next part will be easier since the criticisms will become less and less. Eventually they become background noise and you pay no attention to them.


Instead, you are singing your praises as you go throughout the day.

Try this mantra: “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”


The results of that for you will not only be peace of mind, confidence, and a feeling of being “unstoppable”, but also you will become a magnet for the income that you really deserve.




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