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In today’s market what is the biggest challenge you are facing?

If you said, “How to get more listings because the competition is so fierce,” You are not alone.

Just about everyone is feeling that now.


The key to your success is to realize that SUCCESS = RIGHT MINDSET + RIGHT ACTION.


Please notice that I put MINDSET before action for a reason.


The reason is very simple.

You can have all the right action steps that you need, but if you don’t have the right mindset which creates confidence, you won’t be able to implement the action steps.


Step 1 – Replace Self-Limiting Beliefs With Empowered Ones

If you’re feeling all stuck in your business or if there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, the reason is that you are carrying around some inner blocks. We all have them. In the course of your conditioning you learned to doubt yourself and this lowered your self-confidence.


Here’s what you need to know for yourself:

All the patterns you see in yourself, your business, and in your life like procrastination, disorganization, and avoidance of prospecting, are all results of the Self-Limiting Beliefs in your subconscious mind.


For example when it comes to beliefs about SELF, most people have these:

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I have to be perfect be okay


You may not feel these on a conscious level.

If you do feel them on a conscious level, you may not feel them 100% of the time. In fact you may only feel them 1% of the time, still they are affecting you.


How much you resonate with the beliefs that I just mentioned?


An example of some empowered beliefs you can replace these with are:

  • I am more than good enough
  • The only person’s approval I need is my own
  • It’s now safe for me to be highly visible


Your beliefs create your reality.

Therefore, if you believe that success is going to be very very hard, then you will create a life in which you’ll have to struggle a lot to be successful.  Your subconscious mind is holding you back from prospecting to protect you, because it has all these self-limiting beliefs.


The good news is these beliefs are not facts, and they can be changed.


Step 2 – See yourself as The “Giver”

 What you need to know about prospecting is that when you are prospecting, you are the “giver”. You have a valuable service to offer and people are happy to hear from you. Install this Empowered Belief: “I have a valuable service to offer and people are lucky to hear from me.”

Also install this one: “There is no such thing as rejection. It is a match or it’s not a match.”


Step 3 – Be Proactive in Prospecting

It’s so important in today’s market to be proactive in prospecting. It doesn’t work to just wait for the phone to ring.


Always call your past clients with a purpose.

In other words, becomes the giver. Let your past clients now that you are a good referral source for reliable independent contractors such as plumbers, electricians, and even handymen. Just let them know that if they need someone, they can contact you and you’ll be happy to match them up with somebody that’s appropriate for their needs.



They will appreciate your offer.

You’ve put yourself in their stream of consciousness. Every time they think of real estate your name pops up.


Step 4 – Get Testimonials from Current Clients

Don’t forget that current clients who are praising you for your service become a great referral source for you. Here’s what you can do: the next time they start raving about you and telling you how great you are, start writing down what they are saying. Ask them to elaborate, and ask them to be specific. You will probably end up with a paragraph of valuable statements.


Ask them if it’s okay if you use this endorsement, then send this to them for their approval.

If they approve, then tell them that you would like to be able to use this testimonial for your portfolio. Reassure them that you will be not be giving away their name, you will just use initials.

These portfolio testimonials can be so valuable to you in so many different ways. Yet most real estate professionals fail to do this important step. Use these testimonials in your portfolio, brochure or a website you have.


Step 5 – Project Optimism

Go into every conversation with a prospective client with optimism and enthusiasm. This is the time to bring them the good news they been waiting for. Good news for buyers because interest rates are still low, and good news for sellers because of the number of buyers and because home prices are rising.



Take advantage of this RISING market and use these secrets to get your listings now.




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