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End Procrastination NOW!

If you have suffered from procrastination for years, YOU ARE NOT ALONE

99% of all Americans report being held back by their procrastination patterns.


 While there is no “quick fix” to get rid of procrastination, there are some powerful tips you can begin to implement right away.


 Tip 1: Stop beating yourself up.

Whenever you hear your mind beginning to put you down or beat you up, just say the word STOP, either out loud or inside yourself. Take a DEEP BREATH. Then put in a positive new thought such as, “I love and approve of myself I 100% of the time.”, or “I refuse to judge or criticize myself when I make a mistake.”, “I accomplish all tasks in a timely manner.”


The trick is that you may need to do this a few hundred times a day at the beginning, so that you train your mind to stop going down the negative track.

It’s important that you catch the thought as early as possible . Don’t hesitate to intervene on your own behalf.


Why is this important?

When you beat yourself up for procrastinating, this only lowers your energy and your self-esteem, which just leads to more Procrastination.


Tip 2: Become aware of the Self Limiting Beliefs that cause your procrastination. These could be beliefs about yourself such as ‘I’m not good enough”, beliefs about money such as “there is never enough money” or beliefs that if you are successful, you won’t have balance in you life, people will be jealous, or you will be overwhelmed.


Remember these are not facts, they are just self-limiting beliefs and you may not feel them all the time.

Even if you only feel them 1% of the time, they are stopping you from success.


Tip 3: Replace self-limiting beliefs with Empowered beliefs.

Step one – write out a T diagram. Simply draw line from left to right about halfway down on your page. Then draw line from top to bottom, creating two columns. The left-hand side is labeled: Self-Limiting Beliefs and the right side is labeled Empowered beliefs.


Give yourself a full 15 minutes to brainstorm on Self-Limiting Beliefs that could be causing you to procrastinate.


Here are some examples:

  • “I don’t have what it takes to succeed.”
  • “Everything I do needs to be perfect.”
  • “It’s not safe to be too visible.”
  • “It’s not okay for me to ask for what I want.”
  • “If I call people I’m bothering them.”


Most likely, you have several of these beliefs in your subconscious mind.

Your job is to set aside a few minutes to let those beliefs float up to the surface, then write them down in your left-hand column.


 Step two – create a list of empowered beliefs and put those in your right-hand column. For example,

  • “I have all I need to succeed.”
  • “I am perfectly imperfect like everybody else.
  • “It’s safe for me to be as visible as I want to be.
  • “I give myself permission to ask for what I want.
  • “I have a valuable service to offer and people are happy to hear from me.”


Make it a point to repeat these empowered beliefs to yourself every morning and every evening.

This creates a new groove in your subconscious mind, leading to an increase in confidence and a boost your self-esteem.


When you release and reprogram your old Self-limiting Beliefs you leave room to install updated, empowered beliefs.

Procrastination will then become a thing of the past. You’ll be operating from a Pro-Success Mindset which makes you “unstoppable”.




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