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Are You Making This Big MISTAKE?


In today’s economy your success depends on your ability to prospect and generate leads. 

However, if you are like most people you probably suffer from “Call Reluctance” and find ways to avoid picking up the phone.


Are you waiting for your fear subside before you get on the phone and prospect?

If so, you’re not alone.

99% of entrepreneurs and business owners feel the same way. They love the work that they do BUT they hate the idea of picking the phone and calling someone they don’t know.


If you suffer from this paralyzing fear, what should you do? 

The BIGGEST mistake you could make is to just wait for this fear to go away on its own because IT WON’T!


The best thing you can do is to get rid of the fear. But how do you do that?


The first step is AWARENESS

You need to be aware that the fear is there and is costing you big time in your business. After all, how can you grow a business when you can’t take the actions that bring in leads?


The next step is to do your best to UNDERSTAND the fear.

The origin always goes back to self-limiting beliefs. For most people the self-limiting belief that stops them is on a subconscious level and it is “if you call people I am bothering them”.

Remember, this is not a fact, it is only a belief. You need to question whether that belief is true. Is it really true that every time, you pick up the phone and call someone that you’re bothering them?


What if the opposite were true? 

What if every time you picked up the phone you were actually offering a gift? This gift is a gift of your knowledge, experience and expertise. Instead of someone feeling bothered, what if you could imagine that they felt happy to hear from you?


Start turning your mindset around and realize that when you pick up the phone you are always the GIVER.


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