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3 Steps to Creating Your MULTIPLE 6-Figure Income MINDSET



Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you find yourself wanting to create a Multiple 6 Figure Income, but end up procrastinating instead?
  • Have you ever told yourself “I know what I should be doing, but I’m just not doing it”?
  • Would you like to create your Multiple 6 Figure Income in half the time?


If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, then here are the 3 Steps to Creating Your Multiple 6 Figure Income Mindset:



How many times during the day have you found it difficult to focus?

When this happens, do you feel frustrated, do you beat yourself up, do you feel angry with yourself?


It’s a very common pattern, it happens to almost everybody, and you’re not stuck with it.

It can easily be changed once you know what’s really going on.


Some common patterns that make people unfocused:

A. Procrastination

The cause of your procrastination problem could be self-limiting beliefs causing you to hold back on your success.

Here are some common beliefs that might be making you afraid of success on a deeper level.

  1. You may have the belief that success means you have to work long hard hours, struggle and sacrifice. That belief could lead you to avoid success. After all, who wants to be working long hard hours, struggling and sacrificing?
  2. Another belief that would cause you to sabotage your success, would be the belief that if you are successful, you will lose balance in your life. If you thought success was going to deprive you of the balance in your life, would do things to avoid success? And what better thing to do than to procrastinate?
  3. A third common belief that may cause you to sabotage your success, is the hidden belief that “If I am successful people will be jealous of me or disapprove of me”.


B. Depression

Depression is caused by feelings turned inward.

Typically you’ll be frustrated by something on the outside and on the inside you will begin to subconsciously beat yourself up. You tell yourself what you’re doing is wrong and that you should stop it. You’ll find reasons to blame yourself for every little thing that doesn’t go right.


This is not a conscious pattern, it is subconscious.

Most people have the belief that “I need to be harder myself in order to succeed”. Remember, your beliefs create your reality. So if you have the belief that you need to be hard on yourself to succeed, then you will be hard on yourself.


Being hard on yourself doesn’t help you succeed, it actually does the opposite, it lowers your energy and makes it harder for you to succeed.


You need to learn positive healthy encouraging ways to motivate yourself, ways that give you energy.



Some people feel overwhelmed on a daily basis.

There are numerous reasons for this, but the the top 2 reasons are:

1. You probably have a belief that “Other people’s needs are more important than my own.”


What happens when you put other people’s needs before your own is that you spend a great deal of time doing favors for people.

When they come to your office, you don’t say no, but instead you let them take over your time and energy.


Can you understand now why the end of the day you would be feeling overwhelmed, like you’re in a time crunch and there’s never enough time?

1. It feels like there’s never enough time because your time is leaking out to manage other people’s needs instead of focusing on your own.

2. A second reason why you might be feeling overwhelmed, is that you’re afraid to delegate.


Here’s some self-limiting beliefs that stop people from delegating:

  • I can’t delegate to people because no one can do it as well as myself
  • I can’t delegate because other people would make mistakes and then I’m responsible for them
  • I can’t delegate because I need to be in control of everything about my business
  • I can’t trust people to do what I ask them to do


How much you resonate with these beliefs? Can you understand how these beliefs would lead you to be afraid of delegating?



After you have reprogrammed the Self-Limiting Beliefs that cause you to lose focus, you are on your way to creating CONFIDENCE.

Without confidence, it’s impossible be successful in anything you do.


We all know that we need confidence, but many of us don’t know how to get it.

You were born with confidence.

As a little baby, you had no problem feeling good about yourself and believing that you could accomplish anything.

However, in the process of conditioning, your confidence was eroded away by messages you got from the outside, from your parents, from your siblings, from your friends, teachers, and so forth.

By the time you were 10, you probably had doubts about yourself and you weren’t so sure that you could accomplish anything you wanted.


Why is this?

Because by the age of 10, you had already accumulated layers of Self-Limiting Beliefs about yourself.

Let me give you some examples of common self-limiting beliefs that sabotage confidence:

A. I don’t have what it takes to succeed

B. I don’t deserve to have an abundance of all good

C. It’s not okay for me to ask for what I want


Our well-meaning parents were trying to help us to be the best that we could be.

However a lot of them were raised with very rigid ideas about how to raise a child, and they imparted these ideas to us.


We’re not blaming our parents, were just noticing that the messages we received from them were not always positive.

In fact many of us received the message that “no matter what I do it’s not good enough.”


Confidence comes from knowing that you are valuable and what you have to offer is valuable.



To be honest, it’s really impossible to create a multiple six figure income without having first created a positive MINDSET.


The problem is that many times you don’t know that you don’t have a positive mindset.

All you know is that you are unfocused, you lack confidence, you feel overwhelmed, and you procrastinate.

If you’re at all familiar with the Law of Attraction, you’ll remember that an important part of manifesting what you want is to imagine that you already have it.

But first… you need to release your Self-Limning Beliefs, especially the ones that are subconscious.


For example, it would be very hard to attract prosperity, if your subconscious mind was holding beliefs like:

  • I don’t deserve to have it all.
  • Rich people are greedy.
  • There’s never enough money.


These beliefs need to be reprogrammed and replaced with updated Empowered Beliefs such as:

  • I deserve an abundance of all good.
  • Rich people are competent and have high integrity.
  • There’s more than enough money to go around.


It’s very good to visualize yourself being successful.

However if you don’t have positive subconscious beliefs about success, then on a subconscious level you are probably sabotaging yourself from success


We may think that we unequivocally want to be successful.

What you need to realize is that is your conscious mind speaking. The hidden part of you is saying something else. When you get outside support and are able to release your subconscious self-limiting beliefs, then you can install some updated empowered beliefs immediately such as:

A. I create success with ease.

B. I create success with balance in my life.

C. I create success and still have time to spend with myself my friends and my family.

D. I attract people to me who appreciate my success.


Once your mind is cleared of the negative beliefs holding you back, you will be surprised at how quickly you move forward to creating your Multiple 6 Figure Income.


Please remember that your BELIEFS create your reality and what you believe becomes true for you.




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