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How Your Beliefs Are SUBCONSCIOUSLY Pushing SUCCESS Away

Think success makes you believe in yourself? Try turning that around and see what happens.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Top 5 Secrets To More Listings

In today’s market what is the biggest challenge you are facing? If you said, "How to get more listings because the competition is so fierce," you are not alone. Just about everyone is feeling that now. The key to your success is to realize that SUCCESS = RIGHT MINDSET + RIGHT ACTION. Please notice that […]

Working TOO MANY Hours? Secrets To Working 5 Hours A Day!

In today’s rising market, you’re probably struggling with how do you grow your business and still “have a life”. You can have all the success you want, and still have balance in your life.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Stop Being so Hard on Yourself

You don’t have to beat yourself up to move forward. Learn to treat yourself with respect, increase your energy and accomplish more!

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Do You Want To Overcome Your Call Reluctance?

Let me ask you a few questions: Does it scare you to call people you don’t know? Do you try to block out time to pursue business but always find something else to do? Do you wonder if you’ll know what to say? Do you do your selling in an inconsistent manner? If you answered […]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Do You Need to Be Lucky to Succeed?

Do you think you need luck to succeed? Think again! Vision and belief in yourself is more effective.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: 3 Essential Steps to Working Smarter, Not Harder

Do you keep working harder and feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Follow these tips and learn how to work smarter.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Are You a “People Pleaser” or Are You Committed to “Win/Win”?

Do you let your clients control your life? Committing to “win/win” transactions with your clients instead of trying to please them all the time will actually put you and your business in a much better place.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: From Procrastination to Productivity

If you don’t love what you do, it can be hard to get motivated. If you really put your heart and soul into the joy of contributing to another person’s life, I guarantee that you will be proactive in everything you do and the procrastination will simply fade away.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies: Easy Ways to Turn a Scarcity Mindset into A Prosperity Mindset

When you want more, are you focusing on the good or the bad? Turn your thinking around and see what can happen!