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Mindset coaching for real estate and other success minded professionals who want to overcome procrastination, call reluctance and other inner blocks and achieve far greater success


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Congratulations, you have discovered a
Unique Coaching Program like no other


This is NOT just another coaching program that gives you tools and tactics that you'll never use. This is not just another accountability program that forces you to think just "numbers". This is not just another coaching program that skims the surface and leaves your inner blocks untouched.


This is a Breakthrough Coaching program , focused on lasting results , that can't be found anywhere else. Based on my Psychological Expertise, my marketing and coaching background, I am able to offer you specific strategies so you BURST through your blocks and have all the clients you need in the next 90 days.


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Do any of these sound familiar?



If this sounds like you, then read on:


JoAnn V.
Success Minded Entrepreneur

JoAnn's story:


About 3 years ago, JoAnn was depressed, broke and scared. She wanted to market herself but was afraid to pick up the phone..


In the coaching process, JoAnn began to let go of many self limiting beliefs, including the belief, "If I call someone, I'm bothering them."   Each time she reprogrammed a self limiting belief, released it and replaced it with an Empowered Belief, her confidence grew.


She now  is overflowing with confidence, makes $35,000 a month and only works 5 hours a day.  The best part? She is one of the most joyful people I have ever met, and loves her life.


Whew! What a transformation!

Would you like to hear how she got her results?


Before I Tell You , Let Me Share a Little About Myself.


I was a Psychologist for 20 years and have have spent the last 12 years coaching success minded professionals in making multiple 6 figure incomes, like JoAnn's $35,000 a month. In addition, I've taught my clients to make huge amounts of money through working smarter, not harder.


How I Become Aware of the Power of Coaching


When I built my first business, I had no coach at all. Coaching wasn't even a profession then. I used a "trial and error" method and it took me 15 years to achieve the level of success I wanted.


When I built my second business, I didn't have 15 years to waste, so I hired a business coach. With her expert help, it only took me 7 MONTHS to achieve the same level of success that had previously taken me 15 years.


This Can Happen for You Too


Over the past 12 years of coaching entrepreneurs to double and triple their incomes by working less hours, I have learned the Secrets to Success that I want to share with you.


Do you know the Number 1 reason why most people fail to reach their goals? It isn't the lack of skills or motivation but rather the presence of Self Limiting Beliefs.


There are categories in which people have self limiting beliefs:


  • Beliefs about themselves -  such as, "I don't have what it takes"

  • Beliefs about money - such as "There is never enough money"

  • Beliefs about success - such as "To be successful , you have to struggle"


These beliefs lie dormant on the subconscious level, but stop you from succeeding.


If you have ever procrastinated, or felt "stuck", or avoided important activities for your business, like getting on the phone, then you have been a victim of your self limiting beliefs.



Imagine this instead:




If you would like to talk to Dr. Maya
about how you can reach your Multiple 6
Figure Income Easily and Effortlessly,
just go to her schedule:
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“Wow! It has been a powerful six months working with Maya. I have been involved in Accountability coaching in the past, and found myself resisting my coaches requests week after week. With Maya, we worked to remove the blocks that have plagued me for most of my adult working life. In six months we took on getting to the root of my blocks and I can honestly tell you that Maya’s methods work. I am now living in my personal and business life with renewed energy, inspiration and power. With Maya’s techniques you learn to take on your thoughts and past programming and create a more powerful, positive and effective mindset to create the life you want for you and your family. Thank you Maya, you are a blessing.”


Peter E.

Real Estate Professional



I contacted Dr. Maya Bailey in October 2013, after watching a number of her webcasts. Over my 30 year real estate career, I have always been a student in a never-ending effort to improve myself and increase my performance. It has been a lifetime journey. Even though I have had an extraordinary career as a top agent in San Diego, I have always known that I can do better and should expect more from myself. After all there are so many agents that far exceed my accomplishments, and often times in a fraction of the time it has taken me.

Even though I have taken countless seminars, webinars and attended conferences in at least 10 different states and invited as a panelist, multiple times, with the ‘best of the best’, one area that I have always been vulnerable in is ‘lead generation’. For some reason, that I could never understand, I suffered from ‘call reluctance’ and the ‘fear of rejection’. In spite of all of my training, and education this is one area that I fell far short in. It wasn’t until Dr Maya and I began our coaching sessions that I was truly able to discover ‘what was holding me back’ from my call reluctance and, as a result, dramatically increasing my income. Over the 24 sessions that we had together she was able to bring to light the deep rooted issues that were causing the problem. I am pleased to say that over the time we spent together she was able to completely eliminate this problem and I am confident, that because of her, my next year will be one of the best ever!


Don P.

Keller Williams Realty



Maya, before I began our coaching sessions my mind felt like puzzle pieces shaking in a box when I started to prospect. I knew who to call, what to say, and what the outcome should be but couldn't put it all together. I had fear of rejection, fear of bothering people and a feeling of why would they want to hear from me, all this in my head shaking around.. The sessions with you have put the pieces together. You helped me find the origins of those beliefs. I know now where those beliefs originated from, I've released them. I created my own new beliefs. I now know if an old belief starts to come back, I just say stop, you have no place in my mind.

I am able to work with confidence knowing I can control my own thoughts, and be in charge of my own destiny. I know I'm not personally rejected by clients, it's either a fit or not a fit. Your coaching has taught me to listen to my inner-self. My self esteem has increased so much that I feel like I can talk to anyone. I had no idea my subconscious mind had total control over me. Thank you for helping me to release those beliefs.

Thank you,


Real Estate Professional



Dear Maya,

I want you to know that in the months that I have worked with you, I have not only enjoyed my real estate career more but have already closed on a property that I know would not have happened if I did not make the commitment to be coached by you. I always knew I could do better but something would happen with a client and I would blame myself and not only lose the client but also be down for a while. Well, that doesn't happen anymore. You, Dr. Maya are the key to my recent real estate success Now that I release self limiting beliefs I can take on so much more business with such confidence. By having empowering beliefs I am not afraid to pick up the phone and talk and connect with buyers and sellers. So many good things have happened to me,not only in real estate but in my personal record life. My only regret is that I did not go to you, Dr Maya, my missing link in my career sooner. You are magic!

My Best Always,


Real Estate Professional



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