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This is NOT just another coaching program that gives you tools and tactics that you'll never use. This is not just another accountability program that forces you to think just "numbers". This is not just another coaching program that skims the surface and leaves your inner blocks untouched.


This is a Breakthrough Coaching program , focused on lasting results , that can't be found anywhere else. Based on my Psychological Expertise, my marketing and coaching background, I am able to offer you specific strategies so you BURST through your blocks and have all the clients you need in the next 90 days.


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Do any of these sound familiar?



If this sounds like you, then read on:


JoAnn V.
Success Minded Entrepreneur

JoAnn's story:


About 3 years ago, JoAnn was depressed, broke and scared. She wanted to market herself but was afraid to pick up the phone..


In the coaching process, JoAnn began to let go of many self limiting beliefs, including the belief, "If I call someone, I'm bothering them."   Each time she reprogrammed a self limiting belief, released it and replaced it with an Empowered Belief, her confidence grew.


She now  is overflowing with confidence, makes $35,000 a month and only works 5 hours a day.  The best part? She is one of the most joyful people I have ever met, and loves her life.


Whew! What a transformation!

Would you like to hear how she got her results?


Before I Tell You , Let Me Share a Little About Myself.


I was a Psychologist for 20 years and have have spent the last 12 years coaching success minded professionals in making multiple 6 figure incomes, like JoAnn's $35,000 a month. In addition, I've taught my clients to make huge amounts of money through working smarter, not harder.


How I Become Aware of the Power of Coaching


When I built my first business, I had no coach at all. Coaching wasn't even a profession then. I used a "trial and error" method and it took me 15 years to achieve the level of success I wanted.


When I built my second business, I didn't have 15 years to waste, so I hired a business coach. With her expert help, it only took me 7 MONTHS to achieve the same level of success that had previously taken me 15 years.


This Can Happen for You Too


Over the past 12 years of coaching entrepreneurs to double and triple their incomes by working less hours, I have learned the Secrets to Success that I want to share with you.


Do you know the Number 1 reason why most people fail to reach their goals? It isn't the lack of skills or motivation but rather the presence of Self Limiting Beliefs.


There are categories in which people have self limiting beliefs:


  • Beliefs about themselves -  such as, "I don't have what it takes"

  • Beliefs about money - such as "There is never enough money"

  • Beliefs about success - such as "To be successful , you have to struggle"


These beliefs lie dormant on the subconscious level, but stop you from succeeding.


If you have ever procrastinated, or felt "stuck", or avoided important activities for your business, like getting on the phone, then you have been a victim of your self limiting beliefs.



Imagine this instead:



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To Your Prosperity,

Dr. Maya

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"I first came to see Dr. Maya Bailey to work on time management issues. Working for myself as a real estate agent, I realized within the first two sessions that the issues in my professional life were rooted in my personal life.


By using Maya’s unique style of coaching "success from the inside out". I was able to reprogram my self-limiting beliefs, reverse my self-sabotaging patterns and achieve a clarity about my life and my business that I did not know was possible.


Here are the results:


My decision to invest in myself with Maya's coaching is one of the best decisions 1 have ever made. I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to maximize their success."


Doug S.,
Success Minded Entrepreneur



"At first I was somewhat "skeptical" about the coaching process wondering how it could ever work - especially just talking with you over the phone! However, the weekly coaching has helped me in more ways than I would have ever expected. Not only has my real estate business TRIPLED but my personal life has become much more balanced.


I started calling myself a "Money Magnet" around the end of June and in the first two weeks of July, I did 9 real estate transactions! I have never experienced that level of business before!


With your help, I have also been able to reprogram my self-limiting beliefs. Now, I feel happier, more positive and generally more in control of everything that involves my career in real estate AND my personal relationships.


Thanks Maya, for everything you have shared with me AND taught me - I will be forever grateful!


Judy M.
Success Minded Entrepreneur



Dear Maya,


I want you to know I'm very grateful for all I have achieved since I started the coaching program. It's definitely working for me as I have DOUBLED my income and I am attracting my ideal clients.


I've worked on many self-limiting beliefs, one was that I was attracting problem clients thinking I needed to take on everyone, for fear that I wouldn't have enough people to work with. Your exercise helped me to realize how much time and energy these clients were taking from me. In fact, I had an "aha" moment regarding your comment about listening to my intuition.


The coaching that you provide has made a big difference in my life both personally and professionally. Thank you!


Best Regards,
Denise R.
Success Minded Entrepreneur




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